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Our house is brimming with comfort and coziness, its inhabitants are hospitable and are at your service. Our medieval city has so much to offer that it is impossible to list all the activities and attractions here. Surf to the site www.gent.be and there you will find an immediate overview of the activities on the data you schedule.

A bit of history Behind the facade of the Beukelaarstraat hidden an impressionable example of industrial archeology. Also, along the Groendreef can be found in the clay bakery 'Colpaert' retrieve a large part of the ancient. Starting from the thriving craft brickyard to contemporary bed and breakfast is a big step, it brings us back to 1833. At that produced the German family Keller is refractory tubes in which coke gassed for the street of the city of Ghent. In 1863 Jan Sugg and C ° increased the company 'Produits et Réfractaires Céramiques "about. After the invention of electricity in 1890 is forced to proceed to the production of refractory bricks for industrial applications and boilers. In 1895, the site is divided into three parts. One part was owned by De Meyer (later sold to Colpaert) and remains a brick. The second part is sold to Van Kerckhove & Gilson and serves as vijlkapperij. The third plot (Absolute Home) is owned by Mr. Sommer. Mr. Sommer is registered in the "Guide of Ghent as kite maker and continues to live there for five years. In 1900 Mr. P. Glaude in the property and there is a practicing timber merchant. In 1920's the building over to L. Otten, a blacksmith and carriage maker. Also covered wagons lease was his specialty. Proof of this are the well-worn grooves in the walls of the entrance gate at the height of the hub of the cart wheel, there should have been passed in several seventeen years he lived here to leave this silent witness. From 1937 is the home of Noppe Josephus. He began a jam-making factory. He died in 1973 and his wife, who was living there in 1990. Her three heirs sold the property to us. An extensive renovation is at its end.

The results can be seen,  will you  also benefit?

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